World, how u doin’!??

architect-in-progressI know what you are thinking. Floating Alphabets??! Is she dyslexic? Not to be boastful, but no, I am most certainly not!

It’s just that I have a million thoughts floating and flying and circling inside my mind which I intend to put into words. Thus, ‘Floating Alphabets’. Also, this title was available. So…. (please don’t judge me)

Anyways, let me introduce myself. My name is Jamila Sidhpurwala, you can call me Jammy, Jam, Jamie, but please don’t. I am 22 years old, and I am an architect. I come from Nagpur, India and am currently staying in Gurgaon.

So? You might ask. What makes you so special Ms. Jammy? (even though I told you not to. Typical.) I am not a politician, or a controversy queen or an environmental or animal activist or the current favorite, a Feminist. I can’t tell the future, nor can I tell you amazing recipes. Then, why should you read my blog?

Well, all I can say is this. I am sitting here in my living room, holding a nacho in my hand and I swear on it to never bore you. And, nachos, well, I love them too deeply to ever do something to cause their destruction/ extinction. *shudder*

So, world, let’s get to know each other better. Hi there!

2 thoughts on “World, how u doin’!??

  1. Hmmm… OK then I’ll read it, if time come be obsessed with it, make you a goddess and this blog an epic. And all of this not for u my dear Jam, jammy, jammie; but for the love of nachos.

    Now for the little change where I get serious. You don’t need an appreciation to know that the intro was amazing. Apart from the fact that we all love you, I think we are gonna love the blog even more. You’re a creative bomb, but more than that you don’t want to die no one, that’s your force.

    Hahahaha…. That compelled me to write this….. Jamila sidpurwala may your blog be blessed and may the force be with you. (Says in godly voice) . adios.

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