The extinction of the ‘Spacebar’ & the birth of the #hashtag!

“One finger space after every word,” screams the teacher from one end of the class and all the kids obediently in their two blue and two pink lines start fitting their ‘CAT’ and ‘DOG’ and between each cat and dog is a neat one finger space. (Although that wouldn’t be a lot of help if the cat and dog were real.)

But alas! These children grew up. Unfortunately, their fingers, not so much! They forgot the age old rule of the one finger space. They grew up in the world of compact housing and mini trucks, sleeker cellphones and the worst of them all, nano burgers. *shudder*

In this fast paced, ever growing world, people are looking for just one thing. World peace? Better ads? Nicer deos? NO SIR. Saving space (and their breath).

And to answer all their prayers, the mighty hashtag, which used to earlier hide itself coyly on the no. 3 key, and wouldn’t come out until it was coaxed and ‘shifted’ forcibly from it’s place, stood up tall and announced, hail world! I’m here!

The entire world sighed a quick relief and welcomed the hashtag with open arms. And thus began  the era of hash tagging. Every lunch, dinner, brunch, snack, tea, coffee, pakoda started getting hashtagged. Words which were earlier written like this, #startedbeingwrittenlikethis. The spacebar which held a huge space on the keyboard and in our hearts, started feeling left out and lonely. #Every #random #fucking #word #that #comes #out #of #people’s #mouth felt compelled to be hashtagged and as a result, bold or italic or whatever. The victory sign holding up, pouting girls had a new friend! The biker dude had a new buddy! The “mah lyf mah rulez” hoodie badass had a new bro!

Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Enid Blyton are just people, the #hashtag became a THAAANG!!!But ofcourse how can the epic stories of Harry Potter and his friends compete with the immense joy of putting an instapost reading #boughtanewhairclip #ZARAobsession #eventhoughiboughtitfromsarojini #newhairstyle #mainapnifavhoon. NO COMPETITION!

And with this, the spacebar is moving gradually to it’s extinction and the hashtag is gaining more power. All we can hope for is that the space bar launches a rebellion and overthrows the hashtag in due time. #keeppraying.

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