A Comparison of Sorts!

I remember looking out the window,
At the cold starry night,
On an impulse I open it and put my head out
The soft breeze hits my face, comforting or mocking?
I decide to take a walk in the cold starry night.

I close the door behind me,
but actually its me,
I have closed myself such that no one gets through
No one can see what I feel, no one.

I’ve blocked my thoughts, my dreams, desires.
I take two steps forward and look up,
The stars shine down on me,
reminding me Stars are like hopes, you can see, but never have,
They give you light and make you smile,
But they are never actually yours.

The moon glows as bright as ever, expectations,
You expect everyone to be bright and shiny,
But in reality its just darkness.
They appear to be glowing, but the light is a pretence
Surface is smooth, but its harsh and rough within.

The wet grass beneath, tickles my feet,
Like friends who comfort us, ready to help,
Whose importance you will never know till you walk on a cobbled path,
We sometimes tread upon their feelings, like grass,
But they never mind, they’re always there!

I see a beautiful flower, a prize, I try to pluck it,
The thorns, no not enemies, they’re traitors,
They appear harmless, but secretly prick you,
Might be small, but they hurt you so,
Betray you, they will, if you foolishly trust them.

I’m on my way to nowhere, when I step into a puddle,
My feet are soiled and murky,
Its silly of me, the puddle is a mistake.
You don’t know what lies ahead of you,
And you’re bound to commit mistakes if not careful,
It will soil your name and reputation, and except you,
Everyone thinks you did it purposely.

I see stones lying everywhere like onlookers,
Nothing better to be done than to mock others,
Themselves doing nothing, sitting idle
And making fun of others efforts,
Obstructing people’s paths with their sharp comments.

There’s a broken shard of glass in my way,
But what I see is revenge, anger and fury.
Someone broke the glass, and now it takes revenge,
Hoping to hurt anyone who might pick it up,
Even if our intentions are innocent, the defeated take revenge.

A slow and gentle rain starts in the cold starry night,
It is the unexpected joy which catches you off guard,
Whenever you are lonely and feel like there is no hope,
The whole world sleeps and you are upset,
The rain washes all sorrow, sins and regret.

I turn around and speed up towards home,
Like we turn back on opportunities,
Afraid they might soak us, when all they want,
Is to give us a chance to get wet,
And to wash our soiled, murky feet.

On my way back, the glass glistens with rage,
Eyeing opportunities coming my way,
The onlookers are wary, the puddle seems puny,
The prize and the thorns look pretty, they attract me.
And my friends, wet like me, dance in joy,
Hopes and expectations still are the same,
But now I’ve opened the door,
The walk, sure was worthwhile!

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