10 things I hate about the 10 things lists!

  • 10 reasons you should sneeze every time you feel the sensation
  • 8 questions you should ask your wife to confirm that she is your wife
  • 9 pictures that will prove that ‘zebras’ are black with white stripes, not white with black stripes

Are you as sick of these random lists as I am? Do these posts (along with candy crush requests) invade your facebook account? Do you cringe when you see those idiotic reasons lists every time you check your homepage (while on the toilet seat)? Well, I do! And I can’t suffer in silence anymore. So here’s my version of the 10 things list.


  1. They are out of topics to make 10 things lists.


Seriously, the people who write these lists have no new ideas, no new topics and no new gifs. And nobody is ready to admit it. If I see one more list reading “15 reasons why your man is the perfect guy”, I swear to God, I shall do absolutely nothing and just scroll down like a hapless nobody. :\

2. All their statistics, facts, figures, numbers are made up.


No one is ever going to check whether the “74.324786% of cats like milk with water and 43.5521% cats like only milk” piece of trivia is true or not. All their calculations are just bogus and ways to intrigue us. I mean how could we, not be fascinated about the “64.8875% of men who claim they love girls with long hair” fun fact.

3. All the gifs and memes have become so repetitive.

_57c8a1a431a592af806925e57258202f 0f6b357c004fc424a78105b8044e4a25fuckthat

Seriously, how many times have you seen these on a daily basis? These gentlemen have literally become more popular faces on our phone than our own pictures. And then you use them in these lists too. Hell, no!!

4. Beauty lists, do it yourself lists, home made recipes/artefacts/lamps/gifts/chocolates/dungcakes, travel lists, love lists


I’d instead be happy to read the list of 10 people who actually make these recipes or homemade stuff, or who to travel to those remote locations, or who apply those stupid rules to their love life. Please, please tell me.

5. Limited target audience


All these lists are targeted to only youngsters and teenagers. What about old aunties? Grandpas? Little children? I would love to see lists like ‘Top 10 necklaces Chhoti bahu wore in so and so show’. Where is that type of creative genius?

6. Useless ads and popups

Fullscreen capture 16-Jun-12 200642

Why does there need to be an advertisement about ‘Jhandu Pancharisht’, on a list reading “15 ways to make a hairstyle in 4 min”. The useless pop ups or links are not even related to the post.

7. Preachy endings


Have you observed that all these lists have some kind of preachy ending? After showing us images of Sushmita Sen and Rakhi Sawant, don’t give us some Godly advice. I mean, seriously, don’t give me a moral unless you are a Jataka tale.

8. Random references



  1. Your toenails are getting sharp. 2. Your Mom has made Daal. 3. Petrol is getting more and more expensive… You get the point! The reasons they give for the post are sometimes completely ridiculous and downright weird

9. We already know everything in every list!!


I already know the 19 reasons I love my sister. Hell, I’ll give you 7 more! Or the top 12 things I should do to impress my professor. I did not get an Architecture degree without knowing that shit. Everything in every list, is something we all are already aware of. Maybe, people should create the list of the top 30 elements on the periodic table. Someone might actually learn something!

10. Share button


After the main post there are an extra 3 pages containing the names of all the websites where you can share the list.  No one, atleast in India is going to share a post like ‘7 positions best suited for you and your partner’. Instead of that, I would love to read the list of  ’10 reasons why you are a nincompoop’ if you give the share button after such a post.

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