God made man, Man made GOOGLE!

There is a debate about the percentage of brain man uses. The common belief is that we use only a meagre 10% of our brain. I would like to support that myth. Man himself only thinks 10% with their brain, the other 90% thinking is done by Google.

Welcome to the Google generation! Google, these days is the buzzword, our log of wood in a terrible sea storm, our drop of water in a raging fire, our string of hope on a steep cliff side, the last piece of pizza in the box! Its the first word which babies utter these days, and oldies die with the word Google on their lips.

Ok, fine! I exaggerated just a little bit, it’s not the last piece of pizza in the box. Nothing can be the last pizza piece other than the last pizza piece. But, still, just give it a thought. How much are we depended on Google? It has become the answer to every question. The only true reality to our existence. We are addicted to it. It is not just our home page, it is our home. A safe haven we turn to when we feel threatened by life’s glaring questions. A place where we think and ponder and be absolutely stupid. A place where we don’t feel judged. Come on, Google wont give you the stink eye when you ask it the correct uses of except and accept.


Remember the times when we had encyclopedia CDs through which we copied homework? The cds were our source of finding about distinct animal species and famous people. The hours we spent cutting newspaper clippings to make scrapbooks for projects? The endless scowls kids gave that one boy who asked one too many questions in class. But, at least we asked! We did not have this Google genie to save us everytime we forgot how to think. We were unsure about some stuff and speculated over it during lunch time. Nowadays kids just take out their phone and Google it. They are so smart, they know everything; yet they know nothing.


What if Google could talk? What would it say to us? “Yes son, Flappy Bird is available in higher version” or “No you fool, cold drinks will not explode if you put Hajmola instead of Mentos” or “Enough pictures of Sunny Leone. I’m exhausted!” Basically what I am trying to say is, there is no end to what people search on google these days. They depend on it for everything. Designers look for new designs on google, engineers use it for conversion of units, foreigners use it for translating words, lost travelers use it to find directions, 6th standard kids want google for their geography homework while teachers make their presentations from google. The answer to every query is “Google it man” “Abey google kar le bhai!” People who are going somewhere, google everything about it. Then what is the point of going there? Why not discover it first hand? Why go to a place when you already know everything about it?

funny dr house brain house md 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_29

Life without the G-word is impossible to fathom. Google has no parallel. It is universal and omnipotent. There are endless possibilities and limitless benefits of google. But, sometimes, I feel what if we did not know? What if we tried harder to find something out? Wouldn’t humans be more creative? More curious? We would not feel so lost during a history exam without our phone. People would read more books and magazines and newspapers. They would have more permanent knowledge than temporary information. We would actually become less dumber.


If the current trend goes on, it’s not long before humankind start looking like this. I just hope Google finds a way to not let this happen!!


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