Keep Calm & just Keep Calm


There I was, sitting on the roadside, listening to my favorite song, texting on my cellphone, waiting for someone. Suddenly I look up from my phone and something caught my eye. A guy in a bright red t shirt was zooming past on his bike with a girl sitting behind him. They waited on the signal for a minute, both of them absorbed in their own conversation, in their own world perhaps. A second or two later, an elderly man came on his scooter and stopped next to the couple. He looked at them for a hard 5 seconds, and gave them a disapproving expression. Then as the signal turned green, both of them went in different directions.

I sat there wondering, about how intolerant we have all become of each other! Its like we have to endure people even if it is for 80 seconds! Why is this attitude creeping in our minds, be it young or old?? People just cant stand each other anymore! We have become people with extremes, extreme love or hate. Extreme pride or pity. Extreme jealousy or fanatism. I remember, earlier there used to be a middle ground. A certain mediocrity, everything in moderation. Where has that moderation gone???


With the advent of computers and media hype, everything has become everyone’s business. Everyone is free to tweet about people he has no relation whatsoever with. Nose poking and snooping and then announcing their disapproval or disrespect is given the name of “expressing their opinion”. In fact, this nose poking has now become people’s full time business. What do you think, what should be the name of so and so’s baby? Sms us on 565656. Breaking news! So and so, doesnt give a damn about what you think! A movie title, a song, a dialogue, a headline, a book, a status has a mention of some person, or some religion, or some leader, and BAM, a “certain section of society”as it is always put, always has some or the other problem with it. This word and this song has hurt the sentiments of the people. Come on! Only 2 -3 jobless people have a problem with it, attention seeking people, and the whole “section of the society”takes the blame. Alas, the word/sentence is beeped or censored and the society’s section takes a huge sigh of relief, maybe sleeps a little more peacefully at night!


I ask you, where is your patience people? Tolerance of other people’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts, their habits, their lifestyle. Who is that old uncle to question what or what not girls and boys do in their own lives? You mind your own business, avert your eyes if u have to, to what is happening in other people’s worlds, who are you to judge them? The “certain section of society”is requested, to please look into other serious matters rather than scrutinising people’s speeches, statuses, tweets and songs. Object against pathetic roads, against the neglect to hygiene in the city, to the growing pollution and the lessening greenery and to the corrupt and lazy babus in the sarkari daftars. Kindly stay away from what is being shown in the latest bigg boss season, change the channel if you have to. Dont poke your nose in who is dating whom in Bollywood and who attends which party, dont read that paper, and who puts what display picture where, please, please delete your accounts!

The old uncle, like most of us, would surely have failed to see, another timid girl, way ahead of him, being teased by a hooligan, but he sure notices the girl happily laughing with her friend. It is easy to condemn others for actions they choose to do, than to save a person from something which was never their own doing!

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