Game of Thrones vs Sasuraal Simar Ka



Are you serious?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

This did not just happen!


OMG Nooooooooooooo….!

Alright, calm down. Breathe, dear GOT fan, breathe! Are you ok? Shall we proceed? Okay,  then.


For people from outer space, ‘GOT’ is an epic war/political/supernatural/slightly unnatural /family drama. Well, so is SSK.

Now, for all those who are feeling intense hatred towards me for comparing the two, hold on. Hear me out!

Recently, there was an almost illegal plagiarism by the makers of SSK when they literally, and I do mean literally, copied the trailer of GOT. I happened to see that, like so many others, and it got me thinking. I began researching and analyzing and identifying patterns from both the shows which were alike. I began to draw some serious parallels from the two shows and finally decided to do something about it. Give me a chance to convince you too!

  1. Sibling Love:

url-3 roli-simar-580x395

Both series bestow utmost importance to sibling bonding. The love and affection both sisters have for each other is beyond imagination, when they are willing to forego their own life for their sibling. GOT  shows the same sibling love, however, in a  ‘slightly’ different tone.

Some people, really shouldn’t have kids!

2. Quest for power:

images (2) huge-lot-90-assorted-vintage-lock-keys-padlocks-cabinetdesk-drawers-etc-Laurel-Leaf-Farm-item-no-n0121431-5

The fight to the top, be it to the Iron Throne, or to acquire the ‘Ghar ki Chaabiya’, is more or less the same. I mean, would you rather sit on the ugly looking prickly throne to later be killed in some gory fashion, or would you hold the keys to all 23 bedrooms in the ‘khaandaani haveli’? Up to you, my friend.

3. The all powerful necklaces:

melisandre-xlarge_trans++utubNGxeqbD0m2XylzINLiOoem_3qpp9C-iKHR23jxY images111

Mellisandre derives all her power from her huge chunky necklace. But, our very own Simar changes her necklaces thrice for every scene. Imagine, the insurmountable power she derives from it. Not only her, all members of the family have their own trunks of jewelry. Together they can destroy the world, if they ever figure out how to keep chapatis from getting burnt. They’re getting there…

4. Rebirths:

Simar has died and come back to life several times without witches, chants, medical science, scripts, story, common sense, ideas, tantriks, operations, reason, judgement, logical thought, rationality, cognition, wisdom, sagacity, sound judgement and sanity. Jon Snow has only been able to do it once with huge help from the red woman.

Jon Snow, really does know nothing.

5. Weddings:

Both SSK and GOT have seen its fair share of weddings. Both plots have the youngest protagonist hoping to marry the guy of her dreams but ending up with some nincompoop out of ‘majboori’. And this has not happened once.

Ofcourse, weddings apart from being a celebration is also prone to a lot of bloodshed and violence in both shows.

6. Supernatural aspect:

Both shows have a lot of supernatural stuff going on. There are witches, white walkers, devils, devis, angels, shape shifters and what not. Obviously, SSK trumps GOT in this department.

Come on, ask yourself, who looks scarier? The white walker or the ‘Paatali Devi?’


Apart from this, there’s just regular stuff like the badi bahu turning into a housefly because a ‘Baba’ cursed her. Back in Mereen, our Khaleesi gives birth to dragons.

All in a day’s work for Simar and Daenerys!

7. Coitus:


What sells? Well, Coitus. Both shows put in different efforts to portray coitus. One has our sanskaari bahu standing in the kitchen saying “Chhodo koi dekh lega. Arre, hato koi sun lega” to her husband whilst he tries to play with her saaree. Ofcourse nowadays the makers have the main leads dancing to hit Bollywood numbers in a fully decorated household complete with red heart balloons and rose petal showers! GOT on the other hand… ummmm… ummmm.. well…..


“Achhe ghar ki bahu betiyaan aisi ashleel baatein nahi karti! Huh”

8. Expressions:

Sansa: I just discovered my house has been captured by a pervert who is also torturing my half brother, who is also planning to marry me and crush my dreams and hopes.

Simar: I just remembered that I gave my husband two chapatis instead of three for lunch. “Ab mere parivaar ki izzat ka kya hoga?”

Pretty intense.

Sansa: Please spare me. Don’t murder my entire family. Don’t blind my sister. Stop torturing my youngest brother. Have mercy.

Simar: “Matarani mujh par rehem kijiye. My entire wardrobe looks exactly the same. Give the producers some money so they can afford better clothes for me.

Unlike Lady Stark, Mataji survived this attack. Again. Don’t get me started on the size of her necklace.

*bell rings*  SHAME  *bell rings*

Tyrion: How dare you bring shame to House Baratheon by killing innocent people, torturing a poor girl, being rude to your family and basically just being a *beep*?

Mataji: How dare you wear the same saaree as Simar? And by the way, that was supposed to be my background score, bitch.



The resemblance is uncanny. I have no words.

9. Funerals:

Never have two nations rejoiced as much as they did after this. Although unfortunately for the Indian audience this happiness didn’t last too long. Joffrey, much to everyone’s relief wasn’t brought back.

10. Useless Characters:

Remembering the forty page long logarithm book was easier than remembering the names of all the useless characters in GOT. The list just doesn’t end. However SSK being merciful on the Indian audience doesn’t have as many people. They just keep reviving the old characters after killing them. Quite the white walker style! Also, budget cuts you see.


Lets play a little game, shall we? If you can name any three people in the picture above, (without using google) then you can just scroll down like everyone else. However, if you are unable to do so, you got to like and share my post!


Also, as a little treat, watch some of the high end, heart thumping, edge of the seat drama here!







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