Modern Day Expressions…!

From drawing on empty cave walls using rough stone, to flower dye paintings; to using barks of trees and eventually parchment and paper, man has always tried to express himself. Even in modern times Man is constantly evolving and is creating different ways and means to communicate.


The communication industry these days has reached a whole new level of absurdity. Earlier language and expression were means to hold intelligent conversations about stuff that mattered. But now, Congratulations to Humanity as we can express ourselves even while looking like little puppies and tiny butterflies! How exciting :/

We can now tell stories in concise plots by using a simple tool. The ‘#’! What’s more, people who could earlier just speak, can now trend! Yes, trend is a verb now! Earlier, men had different words to convey different meaning. But now, they have figured out how to use the same word to express several emotions!

Fuck you!

Fuck, you should have seen the look on your face!

You fucking moron!

What a fucked up movie?

Why the fuck did you do that?

I don’t give a fuck!

Don’t fuck up!


Processed with MoldivExpressing our self has never been limited to just words now, has it? A deep long look can express love, a hand gesture can express hate! But what now of the newest expressions man has come up with? What exactly does the “POUT” convey? No, I really want to know. Like, when the future future generations study our Instagram profiles the way we studied cave paintings, how would they analyse us?



“SO, when #mileycyrus sticks her tongue out, she is trying to potray the most common profession of the 21st Century. “SWAG”.

“Sir, what exactly did the “swags” do, back then?”

“That is still unclear. But we have been trying to study fossilized remains of some prominent swaggers and further our research about their times. We are on the verge of finding out soon enough.”

“Sir, what was Snapchat and how were the puppy ears and flower tiaras used by homospaiens in early 2000s used as means of communication and reaching out?”

“The early 2000s were rather confusing times. People from the 90s were still coping up and were reminiscent about things they were used to. However, they also wanted to adapt modern changing roles. Occupations had changed from full time physical presences to virtual businesses, markets, appearances, stories and lives! People lived online, more than ever! The #pout which was developed as a tool for ladies at that time, to feel good about themselves, was a popular trend ridiculed by many. And in these trying times, the puppy dog ears and flowers came as a welcome respite to many a bored girl, BFFs and some important known figures. It conveyed dumbness.”

This is not how I imagine our future to be. Being cool is nice, having “swag” sounds like fun. Putting a few filters to suffice for the lack of natural light is pardonable.



But since when and the real question is till when will appearing dumb be the social norm? What’s with the crass use of language? What’s with the vulgar emotions? What’s with the countless selfies and over sharing narcissism? Maybe that’s the entire reason we only talk, share, tell, advise, express and “retweet”. Do we read, listen, hear, learn? If everyone expresses, who embibes? Where is all that expressing helping us to go? What are shout outs and snap stories? The last I remember, stories weren’t just a snap long? They needed time, thought, importance and people who cared about them.

Do you think cavemen would have discovered fire and light had they spent all their days and night painting self potraits after self potraits looking like mammoths or saber tooths? Mankind wouldn’t have had a single clue about evolution had this been true! (Thank you Ape men for showing some restraint!)

If not about us, think about future generations who will study you in their “History of Art” classes on wireless satellite projectors on Saturn. Do you honestly want to look like this???


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